zoboo hey kratt brothers

kratts brothers: yes zoboo

zoboomafoo: but who could it be

who could it be this animal who did you see can you help me guess this mystery

its a big bat with big wings and he hangs upside down whaa

who could it be this animal who did you see

it have big ears and sleeps whha
Flying mammal

who could it be this animal who you did see can you help me guess this mystery

a fly giant mammal do you know who it is

ok its big has wings sleeps upside down I know what it is

sensits: look at me my ears can fly mystery animals here

kratt brothers: a Megabat

zoboomafoo: hey it has wings

bats do have wings

zoboo: hey all call you giant

chris: good name giant the megabat

martin: do you know bat are also know as a flying fox

they can fly and hangs upside down


sensit: I can fly with my ears

red gorilla: I can't fly I climb trees in skys

zoboo: hey whats that in a tree

chris: that's a Colugo

zoboomafoo: hey do colugo flys

martin: colugo can't fly they glide

buggly: is a good flyer

sensits: I'm a good flyer too

zoboo: hey is this a flyer

chris: nope its a Feathertail glider

you mean a chicken

martin: that's not a chicken

zoboo: its not

martin; that's a Pheasant

zoboo: hey I know the snack machine

zoboo: ok elephant, goose, rhino and Pheasant

chh hhhh

Zoboo seeds

zoboomafoo: come and get it

martin: the farmer give use seeds for the Pheasant some seeds

zoboo: hey animals are eating the seeds

martins: Chickadees

chris: and Cardinal

zoboo: oh bye birds

zoboo: I was leaping along leap leap leap leap leap leap leap leap

zoboo: went i bumped in to sensits

zoboo: hi sensits

sensit: hi zoboo

zoboo; do you like to fly ask sensits

sensits: look my brothers and sisters c an teach me how to fly
Sensit flying

zoboo: so sensit flys in the sky with is ears the end

zoboomafoo; I'm feeling batish

I feel differ not the same this kind off feeling i can't explane there only one thing that I

can do I feel batish how about you batish I feel batish batish I'm a flappy bat but not birds


oh bye flying animals

kratt brothers: in coming duck

zoboo: its not a duck its a pelican all call you fisher

martin: fisher got something in his bill a massage

Jackie: hi kratt brothers where exploring the cave look vampire bats we don't need to get close

lets go out look a black bear we can what till winter comes

kratt brothers: let go to the closet

there going to the closet there going on a trip there going to the closet to grab there stuff

and stip ahhh

there going to a cool adventure and they don`t know who in store there coming to the closet

and there heading out the door

kratt brothers: bye zoboo

do you know what it is this is a place called north amarica look moose,

grizzly bears, north amrican tigers and chipmunks

lets climb up the monition

rope check

hey candidan mountion kangaroos

chris: I never see a kangaroo

martin: like the red kangaroo at animal joushion

and look goats

mountion goats

lets go back to animal joushion

I wonder zoboo up to lets find out

zoboo: I build something

martin: lets see its a Pteranodon skeleton

hey I know Pteranodon have big wings and they catch fish all the time

hey I know that red gorilla in zobooland

I was leaping along leap leap leap leap leap leap leap leap

when I bump into red gorilla

zoboo: hi red gorilla

red gorilla: I want to go to the gooble berry puddle

so I flow red gorilla to the gooble berry puddle

green: hi zoboo and red gorilla

red gorilla: are you red

green puppy: I not red ièm green

gooble: I want to drink

so gooble drink up the gooble berry puddle the end

chris: my favorite is went we see

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